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Do You Struggle with Complacent Staff, Lackluster Referrals or
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Does EVERYONE on staff from the CEO to housekeepers know why you’re the best?

Is your plate of cookies met with a smile, a ‘Thank You!!’ then thrown in the trash as soon as you leave?

Does daily balancing of the census, mix, staff and budgets leave you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you have to be ‘on’ 24/7/365?

Is your facility the ‘facility of choice’ where they want mom to live?

Do you spend time dealing with HR issues that make your work a hassle?

Do you go home at night feeling as if you accomplished nothing?

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If you provide care or housing to seniors, you need RingMastered.

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“Dan is like the Elon Musk of senior living. Creative, Passionate and Census-Driven!

-Phil G.

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Have your local community talking about your great facility within days.


Discharge planners and doctors will thank you for getting in front of your potential admissions and making their job easier as you speak directly to families.

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Become a RINGMaster

Have your boss and competition baffled at how quickly your facility birthed a happy staff and is filling beds.

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Discover how the RingMastered Process has helped facilities like yours increase census, improve mix and turn staff into evangelists in the community

What Makes RingMastered So Different?


The RingMastered plan is revolutionary because it teaches you how to master the 5 most difficult issues faced by facilities, companies and communities EVERY moment of every day; Census, Staffing, Happiness, Budgets and Surveys.

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Why should census be such a struggle, with the ever-increasing aging population? Census dominates the day for most facilities…and for good reason. It’s our lifeblood. It’s the lifeblood of our region and our companies. Without ‘heads in beds’ there’s no revenue to provide the quality care we all strive to give. If you didn’t have to spend so much time focusing on filling beds, how much better could your operation be? How much better customer service could you provide?

Staffing solved? Impossible? No, not at all. The culture you create is the key to attracting and retaining the right staff. We should always be hiring personalities first and skills second. Or as I like to say, “Hire the Fire and Fire the Mire“!

Those individuals on your team (and you know who they are), the ones who are hindering the performance of the facility are a cancer to your culture. You have to remove the cancer with laser precision to create a new environment for everyone that’s fun and exciting! If work feels like work or drudgery to your staff, you’re missing the mark, and you likely have some much needed staffing changes to make.  

Does your staff wake up each morning excited and anxious to come to work? Or is it just a job? If your staff isn’t happy, and if you’re not doing more than the occasional donuts and pizza party, you’re going to score a zero in the happiness department. The saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ applies here as well as at home. I like to say ‘happy staff, no riff raff’. Keep your staff happy and they will ensure your families and residents are happy. 

Has your facility ever had cash flow issues? Has your company ever had cash flow concerns? It doesn’t have to be that way. Most of us focus on budgets as they relate to expenses. The real financial opportunity that will make bottom lines SOAR, is focusing on the top end of the financial statement…creating that revenue. If the revenue is there, you’ll be able to bear most expenses, even unexpected ones. Budgets and budgeting can be a blast if you create the marketing and culture that births the dollars to meet the budgets. 

Are you excited and happy for surveys to show up?  Are you truly glad for surveyors to come in your building?  You can conquer compliance once and for all by using the RingMastered program to ensure your facility is in compliance all day, every day.

Solving census, staffing and compliance doesn’t have to be a chore. Life for your residents can be so much more fulfilling! Join us at a RingMastered Workshop and subscribe to our daily tips to learn more.

Dan is one in a million. I was fortunate to observe his RingMastered plan implemented in a facility for 4 years. He is a true leader! He is best at leading with humor and fun. RingMastered makes you almost forget it’s WORK and most of all this program yields real results!

-Robin D.  ADON & Unit Manager
-Robin D.

The RingMastered plan dramatically improved productivity, compliance and the environment for all residents. The fresh business tools and ideas reinvent facilities starved for this type of out-of-the-box thinking.

-Paul  RVPO

After using the RingMastered plan we achieved our highest census and revenue numbers ever.

-Jeremy L.  VPO
-Jeremy L.


What’s My Investment?


How much are your empty beds and empty apartments costing you? How many referrals think ‘all nursing homes are the same’ or ‘all assisted living facilities are the same’? How many referrals tour your building and shop the competition and know without question what makes your facility the undeniable best choice? How much is turnover and unhappy, yappy employees costing you? Do the math, multiply your empty bed days from last month times your average daily rate…those empty beds are probably costing you tens of thousands of dollars every month and hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, every year. The lack of clarity in your facility may be costing you a great deal.

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