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Do You Struggle with Complacent Staff, Lackluster Referrals or
Fussy Families?

Does EVERYONE on staff from the CEO to housekeepers know why you’re the best?

Is your plate of cookies met with a smile, a ‘Thank You!!’ then thrown in the trash as soon as you leave?

Does daily balancing of the census, mix, staff and budgets leave you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you have to be ‘on’ 24/7/365?

Is your facility the ‘facility of choice’ where they want mom to live?

Do you spend time dealing with HR issues that make your work a hassle?

Do you go home at night feeling as if you accomplished nothing?

How to Book a Private Workshop


Your leadership team needs to be laser focused on filling beds, creating happiness & bottom line results. Click below to book your private workshop.

Choose a Date

Workshops take place over a day and a half. Block off those calendars and let’s do this!

Enjoy the Workshop

Help everyone understand your reason to exist… to create happiness in the lives of your residents & staff.

Facility Fix-It Cover

Our Facilitators Know How to Fix Your Facility

RingMastered Client Ratings

Overall experience at the Workshop

Likeliness to recommend RingMastered to a friend or family member

How would you rate
your facilitator?

“We’re still chugging along and seeing big results. $1,532,000 attributed to RingMastered since May. Another $1.5 million in the pipe.”

-Brannon B.


“The formula really makes it easy to simplify your brand messaging. we have fought to figure this out for years and our facilitator helped us make great progress.”

-Stacy N.

Management Research Group

“This workshop allowed both teams to come together and work cohesively and made sure everyone is on the same page.”

-Kevin F.

Direct Auto

Private Workshop Deliverables

Managers will learn how to accomplish their key objectives daily
Erase the division in your organizational chart
Get managers and departments working together toward common goals
A simple, repeatable framework
Remove facility drama and realign focus on care
Quit spending months trying to fix dysfunctional and irreparable personalities on your staff. Learn how to move forward now

Most facilities have been stuck for years.
A private workshop is the catalyst you need.

How will your team benefit from a Private Workshop?


If every team member in your facility isn’t focused on the same message and outcomes you will lose referrals, discourage new hires and lose money. A RingMastered Private Workshop…


Here’s how it works: a RingMastered facilitator will come to your corporate headquarters or facility and lead a customized workshop for your team. During the workshop everyone will learn the repeatable RingMastered framework that can be used to create a foundational message for every aspect of your company and every facility. You will then create a message so everyone leaves the workshop with a shared vision and more importantly the ability to reach their goals every single day.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About the RingMastered Private Workshop

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